1000 Books before Kindergarten!

Any child who has not yet started kindergarten is eligible for 1000 Books Before Kindergarten. 
Register your child at the desk in the Children’s Department on the second floor of the Library.   Your child will receive a free book to get started!* 
You and your child will receive a tracker to record the completion of his or her first 100 books.  Pick up more trackers, as needed. 
He or she will receive a sticker for each 100 books completed. 
When your child has listened to 1000 books, he or she will receive a free book!* 

Can I participate in 1000 Books at the Shaler North Hills Library and also at another library? 
That is fine with us!  Every library does things a little differently.  Check with other libraries for specifics regarding their programs. 
Is there a book list? 
There are no mandatory books with this program.  You may read whatever books you like to your child.  They can be books from home or books from the Library.  Additionally, on the shelves under the 1000 Books Bulletin Board in the Picture Book Room, we will always have some possible books on display.   
If my child listens to a book at a Library program, can the book be counted in his 1000 Books? 
Yes!  Absolutely!   
Where can I find out more information about 1000 Books? 
Check out their website at 1000booksbeforekindergarten.org 
Do I need to download the app or do any of the online-registration? 
No, just sign up at the desk in the Children’s Department and your child is good to go! 

*This is made possible through the generosity of anonymous donors through the Wish Fund of the Pittsburgh Foundation.  We are grateful for their support.   

Download the 1000 Books Before Kindergarten App from iTunes here! 

Download instructions here!

Download a reading log for books 1 - 100 here!